Class Policies and Guidelines

Early Bird Class Registration

If you book and pay for your class – in person or online – 7 or more days in advance there is a discount in price. A $50 class, paid for one week in advance, will be $45.

Kids Class Guidelines

We aim to make our classes fun (and a little bit educational) for the kids. Part of that is being able to use good quality materials and the right tools. Kids will be using blades and power tools in class with appropriate supervision.

Proper material and tool safety will be covered at the beginning of sessions. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or immediate removal from class.

General Stuff

If we do not get enough students to run, we will let you know the day beforeĀ  or earlier by email or phone call. The number of students required to run the class will depend on the instructor. Refunds will be issued accordingly.

If you or your child will miss a class in a session, please let us know. While we can’t refund, we may be able to reschedule so you can make up the lost time if you’d like. If an instructor must miss a class we will offer you the option of a refund or a reschedule.

Dress appropriately. Unless otherwise noted, classes will be a little creative and, probably, a bit messy. You may get paint, glue, water or glitter on yourself.