Southwest Saskatchewan Pottery

In my own art practice I make, mostly, beads and small pieces from polymer clay. It’s great stuff and I enjoy it immensely. Over the years, though, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of great pottery and to try out the art. I have to say that it would give polymer clay a run for it’s money in my heart if I were starting both new now.

I didn’t know, either, when I moved to southwest Saskatchewan, that this part of the prairies and the southeast part of Alberta are the clay centres for Canada. Plainsman Clay operates out of Medicine Hat and there are clay mines all over the hills. This is pottery land. And there are some impressive potters in my area including a few that I’m lucky enough to work with in the shop.

The artists represented above are Lloyd Garthus of Admiral, Carol Furman of Rush Lake and Nick Saville of Eastend, Saskatchewan. They work with a variety of local clays, either handbuild or throw on a wheel and glaze their pieces in completely different choices of colours. The results are great and unique to each artist’s personality and talents.