What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is joy.

I’m a little biased though. I’ve been working with it for more than 15 years and I’m still having fun.

Strictly speaking, polymer clay is plastic or pvc particles suspended in a binder that makes it malleable until it’s cured. The type of polymer clay that I work with in the shop is an oven bake one so when we cure it, we bake it in a regular oven at a low temperature. Until you do that the stuff stays nice and squishy. Once cured it becomes plastic just as properly fired pottery becomes ceramic or glass.

Polymer clay comes in a variety of colours and special effects that you can mix and match somewhat like acrylic paints. It’s best suited for small work – like beads, figures and miniatures – and larger pieces are done with significant internal supports or armatures. It isn’t suitable for making items you’ll eat out of or for items that will require a lot of wear and tear. It’s fabulous for instant gratification crafting and that’s a big part of why I use it for classes.

We carry Sculpey! brand polymer clays in the shop as well as a selection of tools.