Mugs and Teapots

After I took a few pottery classes I learned that there were pottery staples. Bowls, of course, are sort of the base on which wheel-thrown pottery is done. And I got to be pretty good at making bowls because I love bowls. Mugs and teapots are a whole other thing. Handles and lids are a bug so I respect anyone who gets them done properly.

I set the entry table simply this half of the month because I wanted to showcase the mugs and teapots by Carol Furman, Nick Saville, and Lloyd Garthus. They all make their own version of that potter’s staple and they’re all excellent in their own way. A teapot and matching mugs makes a great wedding or housewarming or anytime gift and you can get a set at the shop for $75.

There’s also tea bag holding mugs and both right and left-handed mustache mugs. Pair it with a packet of tea or hot chocolate and you have a great teacher or friend gift.