The Erin Pell Trunk Show and Field and Fable Open House

We’re so pleased to announce we’ll be hosting Erin Pell at the shop November 16th and 17th for a trunk show of her newest work! Erin is an active and talented glass artist from Saskatoon who uses lampwork and glassblowing techniques to make colourful sculpture, jewellery, and glassware.

She combines her love of nature along with a fun design sense into sculptural plant pieces that often use repurposed treasures or found items. Use her tiny glass mushrooms to add to your fairy gardens or brighten up your potted plants.

Erin also contributes to the Saskatchewan arts community by running the successful Etsy Saskatchewan Team and the Thursday Night Art Market with the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. We’ll be showing off Erin’s glassware and Field & Fable in general. Join us for some DIY projects, snacks, and to buy some handmade gifts for the holiday season.

This all happens November 16th from 1 until 5 and November 17 from 10 until 4pm. You can check out the Facebook event to keep up with the details: the Erin Pell Trunk Show. You can also get a peek at Erin on her Facebook page.

Mugs and Teapots

After I took a few pottery classes I learned that there were pottery staples. Bowls, of course, are sort of the base on which wheel-thrown pottery is done. And I got to be pretty good at making bowls because I love bowls. Mugs and teapots are a whole other thing. Handles and lids are a bug so I respect anyone who gets them done properly.

I set the entry table simply this half of the month because I wanted to showcase the mugs and teapots by Carol Furman, Nick Saville, and Lloyd Garthus. They all make their own version of that potter’s staple and they’re all excellent in their own way. A teapot and matching mugs makes a great wedding or housewarming or anytime gift and you can get a set at the shop for $75.

There’s also tea bag holding mugs and both right and left-handed mustache mugs. Pair it with a packet of tea or hot chocolate and you have a great teacher or friend gift.

Southwest Saskatchewan Pottery

In my own art practice I make, mostly, beads and small pieces from polymer clay. It’s great stuff and I enjoy it immensely. Over the years, though, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of great pottery and to try out the art. I have to say that it would give polymer clay a run for it’s money in my heart if I were starting both new now.

I didn’t know, either, when I moved to southwest Saskatchewan, that this part of the prairies and the southeast part of Alberta are the clay centres for Canada. Plainsman Clay operates out of Medicine Hat and there are clay mines all over the hills. This is pottery land. And there are some impressive potters in my area including a few that I’m lucky enough to work with in the shop.

The artists represented above are Lloyd Garthus of Admiral, Carol Furman of Rush Lake and Nick Saville of Eastend, Saskatchewan. They work with a variety of local clays, either handbuild or throw on a wheel and glaze their pieces in completely different choices of colours. The results are great and unique to each artist’s personality and talents.